Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Online Family Soap Opera

I've had an interesting, and quite emotional couple of weeks that were filled with many controversial moments, as well as some small, very thoughtful quiet ones as well. It's funny how controversy within a family can cause so much pain and such strife, but that's what happened and I'm still hanging on to the what seemed solid to not be blown away by the anger and emotions that surfaced and whirled around us all. The most interesting thing about this whole event was that it began, and ended online, and for those of us who are from the baby boom generation it seems almost wrong because that personal eye-to-eye wasn't present where we might see reactions and guage our next move through that.

I use to think that to face down someone and know just what to say was impossible for me. Face to face confrontations have always been hard because of a lack of any kind of confidence on my part. But this was confrontation that was only in the written word and yet the emotions where so high, mainly because of inner feelings that seemed to come out from between the lines like something painful that oozed out of an infected wound. What is hurtful is it didn't lance the wound and bring about healing.

I personally am ready for a new week, where cooler heads might prevail.


  1. I hope this week is much better for you and without conflicts, they are not good for the karma :).

  2. Thanks, it really has gotten better and the week has been super so it is all uphill from here!