Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer's Ending

Summer is winding down into a quiet but warm ending. We did not have much of the hot, steamy weather that the last few years have offered but it still had that summer wonder only a little greener one since we had lots of rain!

This school year will begin like it did when I was a kid, after Labor Day. Because of the new law that sent the school year back to that September start time the summer is longer and those first few days of school are not quite so warm and hard to take.

My garden has taken a trip toward the end of the season as well through less flowers and some brownin, fading leaves. I am beginning the clean-up that is necessary for putting this small plot of land to bed for the the coming winter season. The changes of seasons have always fascianted me and this year is no different. Each change brings the new in with a chance for a fresh start. I'm really loooking forward to that.


  1. I love the changing seasons, the past few days I have found myself looking forward to the next season.

  2. Me too. I don't know if I could live where it was warm all the time because I really love the changes of the seasons.

  3. I can hardly believe summer is ending soon! The year is so short. But then again I am sure autumn is going to be beautiful. We have no autumn in the Philippines. Only two seasons. But I love watching pictures.

  4. CMF,
    Summer has been cooler than normal here and everything is so green!! We had more rain than we've had in years. But I agree the weather is showing signs of fall with much cooler temps and even some colors that depict the fall to a "t" here.

    Autumn is my favorite season here in Michigan where the seasons offer something for everyone.

    What 2 seasons do you have - just summer and winter?