Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Winter is here! Now, being a Michigan native I realize that we will probably lose the snow and go back to the varying browns of fall but the first real snow fall and freeze kills all the plants that were the symbol of what we all know as fall.

It's funny how many people see see the fall season as dull and colorless. On the other hand I see the various warm shades of browns and maroons tempered by what is left of the small batches of green that the grass seems to have most of the winter if we have any snow melting occurs.

What I enjoy the most about the fall is the abundance of birds that gather daily at my feeders. I'm a birder, but I don't have binoculars and I don't go traipsing all over looking for the unusual feathered friends. Instead I spend hours watching the feeders and trees where the birds hide or sit in my yard throughout the day. They are the real jewels that color the world after fall and before the snow covers everything.

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