Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Long Wait

The quiet has descended and it is really good. There have been no more phone calls from the parties to get me out to vote, and for the first time in weeks the phone has been blessedly quiet. I always enjoy that lull after the presidential storm every four years. The only thing anyone is doing is either regrouping - or sleeping!

West Michigan is especially quiet and the news is mostly just rehashing the whole election day over and over again. I actually had a lovely day with my 3 year old grandson planting all kinds of tulip bulbs in pots and various spots around the yard. He calls the littlest tulip bulbs the "tiredest seeds!" By that he means that they sleep a very long time in God's earth before they flower. In some ways that frustrates him, but he sure enjoys pushing them down with his finger to plant those seeds!

And so the waiting begins for those first yellow blooms of the spring. It can sure make for a dream that will last the whole of a cold winter, that is for sure.

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