Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time Will Tell

The election of the century is almost here. Tuesday will be probably be the biggest turn out for voting that our nation has had in many years if the early voting lines in some states is any example of what is to come Tuesday. The excitement for change, or stability is strong and the chance to actually vote is higher than it's been in so long!

I'm excited to be voting in an election that I see clear and very different choices something that hasn't been there in years. For those of us who are old enough to remember the 1964 presidential election we can remember the distinct lines between conservative Barry Goldwater, and the liberal Lyndon Johnson. Though I was not able to vote yet, that election fired up everyone where I went to school, and though it was rather lopsided the election made for interesting debates amongst many who saw the distinct differences.

Interest in the presidential race comes down to the issues and how important people feel they are to the country. We've had 8 difficult years and there is a taste for change in the country, but a change to what and whom? Whatever happens Tuesday and even on into early Wednesday will be a change. I'm ready to vote today! But I have a little over 36 hour to that voting hour for me. I'm a bit antsy and anticipating an all night vigil.

I wonder where will we be heading, and what will the theme be for the next four years? We will have to wait a few days. Only the next few days will really tell.

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