Friday, November 28, 2008

A Season for Peace

Life after surgery for me is stiff, extremely stiff. I stayed in one position for over 48 hours before and after the event and my rib cage feels so out of practice for sitting.

I went shopping for groceries with my husband for bargains in these tough times can be fun. We mostly did the "big box" stores so I rode around in one of those carts with a basket. I must admit I was quite a hazard since they aren't always easy to control but I didn't run over anyone.

It was really good to get out of the house and see people, even if I didn't know them. I scooted around with my poor husband trailing behind me. I had asked him if he wanted to stay in the car, but he said he didn't wanted to so I just kept going and got all we needed in three stores for less than I thought I would.

I still have to get to the dog's market, but that's for a small item thank goodness.

Christmas as a season has begun. This is always my favorite time of year, and not because of presents! I love the cold, and early snowfall, Handel's Messiah, classical and early Christmas music and of course the way our church looks all decked out in evergreens.

This can be the beginnings for a season of peace. We all need that.

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