Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Do Love the Winter...Most of the Time!

We're in line to get another storm tonight and tomorrow during the day, but as the week progresses we will be getting rain and temperatures around the mid to upper 30s. This is a strange winter! We got 10 inches with the last snow storm we had on Friday, and now it seems we are in for 5 to 10 more inches!

Winter here is always the ups and downs - sometimes severely cold all the way to low to mid 30s. It is seldom solidly cold and snow, that's why we all complain about brown, or gray snow that comes from the mud and water from the melting snow.

I have to admit that though I love snow and the winter weather this early winter weather has made me think - is this going to last through March? As I've mentioned before we usually have winter actually begin with all the snow and cold in early January that runs through early March, but if it lasts until then it will end up being a whole month longer! I guess I am hoping for a warmer January!!

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