Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Technology Gone Haywire!

Does anyone have an iPod Shuffle like I have? I've had exactly a year and 35 days and all of a sudden it won't complete the re-charging unless I physically connect to my iTunes on the computer! I called 1-800-MYAPPLE because I was so frustrated today since I plugged it in for a recharge and 8 hours later it was still blinking yellow! I was sure the battery was dead so I called the number and we walked through some steps (On and off five times and turn on and re-plug in to the computer - normal dance thing!) and then the customer service person recommended that I click on my iTunes if it was on the desktop and it started acting like it was finishing the recharging!!! The green light came on and everything seemed normal!

This is so strange - actually my Palm Pilot is doing about the same thing too. I cannot get my synchronizing to happen unless I click the HotSync Manager button on my desktop.

Now that I think about it, I had the computer in to the repair shop about a month ago and this has all happened since then when they "fixed" my elderly computer!!! Very frustrating! This technological help can be very frustrating at times...

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