Sunday, December 28, 2008

Safe and Content Holidays

Well, despite the dry socket I have after the tooth extraction, life is going better! I can say that after this Christmas, I will be very careful around the Holidays and those icy day of winter! Winter has always been my favorite season of the year, so that will not change but the care taken on icy days will definitely be on high alert from this day forward.

This year has been a hard year for almost everyone who lives here in West Michigan, I know we're not alone in our financial and health experiences and difficulties. So during the last days of the year 2008, I am thankful for the many gifts and friends who have been in our lives, or simply passed through. All have left their own special foot prints on our hearts and I am very grateful for all I've learned - especially about love and life from all those in my life.

Here's to all I know and have known among the days that came this year. I wish God's blessing on you all, and a blessed New Year to everyone! As one of my favorite writer's who also is a Rabi in our area said, "Do not wish a Happy New Year, but rather one filled with explorations, new discoveries and contentment!"

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