Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slow and Slower

Cold and colder, that's the weather predictions for our area for the next week. Lake effect snow with that colder air is what winter is and we're truly entrenched in it. I'm going to try to head out to my garden soon to finish what I began before my rather sudden recent surgery. Though the sunflowers and Joe Pye weed are all brown, the area birds are dancing through the remaining stalks and making for quite a picture in the mornings while I'm enjoying my cup of tea.

Life is hitting its slower pace, that pace that comes with slippery roads and storms that can stall almost everyone's life. With all that has happened in the past months a little less along with an appreciation of what we have no matter how small is a way to find a peaceful time of joy and peace this Holiday Season. I know I'm all for that!

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