Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day of Meetings...

Today was a day of meetings at church - it's part of the responsibilities that goes with being a part of our church's governing body. I like the work, and the people, but it can really be draining.

I came home to a six year old granddaughter who was here with grandpa while her Dad did some repairs on some of his vending machines around town. To many this may seem like too much after a long day, but after a busy day with adults taking time and sharing moments with my grandkids is almost like being a kid again. I don't spend the time entertaining them often, instead I invest my time in looking at what interests them, exploring, and sharing my love of gardens and books with all four of them.

My garden has a section for each of them and they get pictures taken by their new plantings each spring - that makes for lots of pictures after 8 years! My oldest granddaughter and I love to explore used books stores, and at 13 she and I spend lots of time at least twice a month enjoying perusing books and sharing our discoveries. It's interesting how what we both read has changed and grown over these years of sharing.

I spend time with the three who are under six by reading to them, having them read to me and of course coloring. I've gotten pretty good at coloring in the lines too! It's interesting how they critique my art work, and how quickly the many blank places around my house fills up with their colorful pages. My back door's window is usually filled with their colorful images that greet our various visitors and are great conversation pieces with the various delivery people who conveys all the packages that end up on our back porch.

I'm off to lay my head on that soft pillow of mine if for only a moment. I tend to drift off quickly and find my way to my own personal Neverland to chase those grandkids of mine through Pan's expansive world. Good night.

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