Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How can a, "zen" moment even fit into the noisy every demanding world today? Some of us really wish for those thoughtful and enlightening moments to make the right decisions, have wisdom, or simply to turn off the world and relax into the quiet of a few moments to meditate on the happenings that make up our days.

For those of us who need to find those quiet centers to be able to go on into the next the modern cell phone riddled world can be a real challenge. My time to unwind and relish the quiet is often after the rest of the world has gone to bed. I read until the hour of midnight or one and then the road near our home becomes a bit less the road well traveled.

Then out of that deep semi-darkness (Who has total darkness around all our cities these days!) and calm (well, as quiet as it can be!) I can begin to work through the day's problems and difficulties and begin to relax and let go.

Of course that makes for a really exhausting first few hours of that next morning, but hey - I'm taking time for myself and relaxing at least....right?

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