Saturday, June 28, 2008

On the Road Again...

Today I was caught in a car with four other people on a 45 minute ride to a neighboring a car that was first cold to make us comfortable, and then hot to clear the windshield. Oh, and did I add that it was pouring too and we got pretty wet getting from the car to the party? Needless to say the beginnings of my day were interesting.

But once we got to our destination it cleared, and we found a lovely garden where we mingled with others to rather beautiful chamber music in a lovely little park.

Funny how two such different experiences could exist in the same day, but they did and it happens every day in many of our lives. I prefer to think these little messes happen so we can really appreciate the beautiful!!! Hope your day was as great as mine! :-)

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  1. Chamber music in a park? That sounds fantastic!