Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Showers

My granddaughter and I were wandering around downtown window shopping and meandering in and out of stores. It has been cloudy day, but nothing really threatening weather wise. We decided to stop in for cold drinks at our favorite coffee shop and as we were heading out drinks in hand the skies let loose with a soaking, torrential rain that continued on for over 10 minutes - it seemed to go on forever!

Beck and I stood under the overhang of the coffee shop first getting dripped and then finally getting blasted a bit as the winds began whipping into a frenzy as the storm began to build. We kept getting wetter so we decided to make a run for it - which of course occurred as the rain became even more intense!

By the time we got to the car we were both soaked through and laughing..."it often literally never rains, but it pours here." I thought to myself. Summer rains are warm and running in them always reminds me of when I was younger. That feel of warm water on my face usually brings back really special memories.

I like the warm water on my face and lashes. That personal shower by Mother Nature has often given such a peaceful sense right down to my core. When the winter winds blow cold, the memories of those warm watery caresses often sustain me through even the toughest winters.

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