Sunday, June 29, 2008

Words that Walk Around the House

Sunday nights are usually a quiet preamble for every new work week. It is the end of the day this Sunday, one hour left to be exact, and being a night owl this is a time of news prgrams, thoughts and music for me just prior to a night of writing, rewriting and finalizing my weekly column. It's a small endeavor, but I find it a wonderful way to be creative every single week which is almost a necessity for me even if I don't sell my word inkings.

Words are my way of studying the world you see and have also often found their way into one of my many journals around the house. From there just sometimes they find a way to come alive in one of my columns (You know, one of those phrases that turns just right and has a really good sound to it.). My only wish is that somewhere, sometime one of these thoughts and words might find a home. Maybe someday....

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