Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alphbet Soup Anyone?

I'm back, a day early. Life is a little less hectic right now, thank goodness. It's been beautiful out these past few day - soft, warm ice cream days her in the Midwest. I'm enjoying my morning coffee out on the patio almost daily. But tomorrow will be an ozone action day so it's a reading day. I work most evenings writing so my mornings are the time for thought and a bit of rest. It's also when many of my ideas germinate over that ever present cups of joe.

Tonight and most nights I write only for myself. Mostly to create items to send out for possible jobs, or to use as copy for a little freelancing. My repertoire has expanded to almost everything which is great. I did 2 years of exploring my home town and the surrounding areas and it's nice to think on life and ideas too now.

So here's to writing and sharing what I like, who I know, and sometimes just simple thoughts! For me life is an alphabet soup filled with good things and great thoughts!

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