Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home, Home on the Range

Dog fur is a living force in our home during the summer. With a pooch that is part German shepherd there are tumble dogs rolling around with the wind from our air conditioner that runs much of the summer. I have heard over and over again that,"if you'd only brush her there would be no problems!" Well, I do - and often! And for those who know the shepherds they are champions in the shedding department and I could vacuum three to four times a day and not keep up with those fur balls that roll around as if they are alive.

My poor vacuum has been straining to keep up with those rather large dust bunnies that often hide under beds and chairs around our house. This is honestly the only part of summer I dread, since I am not much for being indoors during the summer months if I can help it and vacuuming is certainly not one of my favorite household chores either.

But it's Sunday night, and those bunnies can hide all they want because I am enjoying the day. I will chase them around sometime tomorrow - or maybe not!

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