Friday, August 29, 2008

How Important is the Presidency to Our Daily Lives?

Politics. I hate the arguments concerning who is the best for the White House because whoever wins won't really change anything. They come into office and complain that the congress is against them if it is made up 0f the opposition, or they don't, "understand the vision," if the congress is the same party. It's usually politics as usual. They don't make major changes and sometimes cause more problems for those of us who have to live every day as the middle and lower middle class.

Trust is the real issue that I have problems with concerning both parties. We have a charismatic like JFK, and a military man with a history of bravery and standing against big government as candidates. What will happen with either as president? If history follows it will be a big zero for those of us who elect the candidate or the country. There is little but rhetoric that comes after that golden election day.

Change is what we all want. But how when they keep telling us that country is just fine, but as the number of people losing jobs and homes daily is on the rise, and the jobs to replace those that need to support families are subsistence jobs at best, how are to we to go forward? I sure wish I had sure probably isn't going to come from the top of our government down.

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