Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Road Show Was Great!!!

I got to go to the Antique Road Show today. Six hours on my feet and I saw smiles from ear to ear on everyone around me! The painting I brought was only worth about $75, but one other item was worth something more, and I learned so much about where it came from too.

So, now you know I am an Antique Road Show fan. Many of the appraisers are almost celebrities themselves and it was so much fun to see them, meet fellow Roadies, and simply talk antiques with everyone I came into contact with today.

What is the draw here? Over 3000 tickets were won through a lottery and the number of people who tried to get tickets was really amazing! Turned out this show drew one of the highest numbers of people interested in getting to the show here in Grand Rapids, the furniture city. It was a beautiful summer day out side, but inside the DeVos Center the people were packed in and were standing in lines that reminded me of those lines at amusement parks - only they were much for fun for the adults that attended this fascinating event.

There were all kinds of furniture, from trunks to tables; musical instruments; and more paintings than I've ever seen in one place - and also a few really strange objects. As we walked through the lines there these long pikes that towered over the whole scene and peaked the curiosity of all those around me in line. The guesses as to what they were ran from two staffs from deepest, darkest Africa - to some kind of Medieval pikes. They turned out to be original props from the Judy Garland movie The Wizard of Oz! It was really something to watch those objects being filmed for the program too.

If you didn't get to attend, make sure to watch PBS and the Road Show sometime between January and May of 2009 to see the interesting people and treasures that came to visit- along with a whole lot of fun that happened here too!

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