Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Writing - Or Not...

I just jointed Twitter, even though I am totally unsure what the site actually does besides offer up one liners! I did find a line of conversation about the editing of Michigan newspapers interesting (Or lack of editing!). It use to be that if you were an editor it meant that you read through and either made changes to make pieces of writing more grammatical and correct or gave some ideas that could make a piece more understandable. That was of course a million years ago!

Even my work needs editing! We who write always need an extra set of eyes to see those mistakes our eyes miss (And brains too!). If you read my two spots here on Blogger you know I come back and edit periodically, and I still miss things! How can any columnist or reporter catch all the mistakes?? If you give yourself time between the edits (like 24 hours), it does help to see some of the mistakes, but we still miss things, and it shows most in the newspapers in our part of the state.

I kind of have a feeling that it shows all over, actually. Frustrating for those of us who want to be good writers, and for those who read our word works.

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