Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter White

Here we are in the frozen North lands with snow, blowing snow and frigid single digit and negative numbers temperatures....well, really it's only West Michigan but it sure feels like Alaska or Lapland! These last few days have been so cold that even with layered clothing in the house I need my robe which is made from long heavy sweatshirt material.

My poor dogs are inside almost all the time and miss the barking at our neighbors who live in a low income senior apartment complex next door. Life for them has become the warmth of the small oil heater in the living room where they lay as shadows in front of that heater to keep as warm as they can. The only time they leave is when they HAVE to go out and they never stay out but head in quickly when they are done.

Cold has engulfed the area and the drivers are staying home in the evening-mostly that is! The restaurants are filled most of the time! We live on an ever busy street and it has been almost deserted these days accept when people are coming and going to work.

Even after my husband's accident and his severely broken elbow I still enjoy the swirling snow and the quiet that engulfs our small spot on the planet. So despite the cold winter weather I am thankful for this quiet eye of the storm in our busy world.

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