Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's the Rhythm of Your Life?

The beginning of a new week - a fresh start if you want view it that way. We humans tend to repeat patterns, and our week day world is one of the most entrenched in all of societies that go back to the earliest times. Though the hours and days of work has changed over the centuries the pattern that makes it up has been the mainstay of lives.

So what drives our personal machine these days? For me it's getting my husband out the door (with lunch!) for work, and begin again on keeping our home clean. Within my regular day there is meal planning, picking up and caring for grandkids, and more busy-ness than most of us can handle sometimes.

I think we have a lot to learn from earlier times where the rhythm of the earth and seed time and harvest ended most days with the setting of the sun and winding down of any day with the dark quiet all over that ended the day, and often began the next. We seldom take the time to wind down before we hit the pillow each night.

The quiet times of our days are rare and in my case few and sometimes far between each. But for me that need to refresh my mind is a necessity to even functioning in my world. For many years I drove myself with three kids and all the craziness that entails with little or no breaks. I did not do myself any service by not taking care of myself, and I was constantly tired and angry often as well.

We forget to take care of ourselves at a peril we can't imagine - until we're older, that is. I've learned since then that there is no real fast track for our lives unless we let it be that driving force in our lives. I'm making some changes and finding a different life off that fast track and onto a s-l-o-w life line that can lead to a bit more peace.

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