Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's Caught in the Twilight Zone

Cars are the pits sometimes! Mine is a 1996, which should and often does mean that things go wrong - often! It began two days ago with an oil leak that turned into from the oil cooler seal, not sure what that is but then I got a call as they were half way into fixing my beast and they had discovered that I had a leak from the passenger side axle seal.

After parts, repairs and of course replacing the oil (since they had to drain it to replace the seal.) and what seemed to be a huge parts list I finally have my car back. The cost was more than I had expected, but I like my little car so it was worth it.

So what happens today? My stereo unit will no long play any of my CDs, and they're trapped in the center of that stereo and won't eject! I'm beginning to feel caught up in the Twilight Zone when it comes to my auto and electronics. Hope nothing else is going to go belly up any time soon!

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