Sunday, January 25, 2009

Late Night Hauntings

The weekend is over. Sunday has been busy which really defeats the purpose of that day of rest which historically has been the purpose of this day of the week. When do we rest? I don't much any more and I am mostly an unemployed writer who is a grandmother and on-call pick-up bus driver for the grandkids!

Today I was lucky, I got a few moments in bed to unwind and rest after having a granddaughter most of the day. That was a real blessing! It's funny because it seems that as I'm out of the work-a-day world I am beginning to see that we as a society spend much of our time running the wheel in this rat race we call life in the USA.

I'm still looking for a way out of this craziness that is my every day life. I don't have many answers, but I know I have got to keep searching because this is no life for's only an existence and I really want some of those quiet times to write without it only being in the late night hours!

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