Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Change Is Here To Stay

This day is quickly fading into the next as midnight eases its way across the dark of evening. I've made some major decisions for our home and cut some costs today. The changes will take us from the antenna age into the fiber optic one for our television as well as upgrade our infamous dial-up connection as well. We'll also be going from a huge phone company to that very same fiber optic company - a package and one bill instead of two different companies and two bills.

This is a new era and the idea of fiber optic connections are exciting ones for me. This world is now a view that broadens as I grow older into a new time. When I began high school there were electric typewriters and the computers were huge monolithic things that filled rooms. Today I sit at one that is truly a personal computer because I write, journal and create diaries of who I am and what I believe in on this rather silent keyboard.

I remember my grandmother saying that the idea of a calculator that could do the math problems of an adding machine and could be held in the hands was a wonder. She could remember the first Fords and even the horse and buggy as the only modes of transportation. So from her time to mine there have been huge strides where technology has now begun to walk lock step with our fast moving times. This is a really interesting time to be alive!

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