Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, For The Want of One Idea!

Simply a germ of an idea. That is sometimes all there is to begin writing on any given day. Today the thoughts that crowd my mind seem to overwhelm know, like the did I get all the information down for the notes for this meeting; for gosh sakes who do I need to send the notes too!; did I get that sweater washed; or even the simple what do I make for dinner tonight??

Sometimes these questions come individually and can be simply dealt with, or many times they just seem to gang up on the day and make everything a bit too much. On those days the chance of a small idea to write about can be a daunting task rather than a simple idea that almost creates itself in the words of an essay or article.

Tonight, has been filled with church meetings and has been preceded by an excruciatingly busy week and ideas are hard to come by. So what do I write about? The craving that I have for just a simple idea!!!

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