Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a Taste of Spring

The sun was a constant visitor today, and though it was really bright on the snow, it was a great sight after months of clouds and snow. The snow melted a bit too which has been a lovely sight to see. I walked the yard and enjoyed seeing the tips of daffodils, crocuses and even a few of my garlic plants poking their green heads through the leftover snows of winter.

I don't ever remember being this anxious for the warmer weather. And though I know it is too early too long for the greens of spring I keep hoping to be surprised by a crocus, the greens that early grass, or even just the smallest of tulips.

I've taken to wandering around downtown lately and the flowers, whether real or silk in the window displays, are blossoming slowing down the street and are drawing crowds - and I love it!

I think those of us up North here are really beginning to hanker for even the smallest morsels of the season and those windows downtown are a wonderful nibble of the pastels that make up that really longed for season.

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