Monday, February 23, 2009

My Passion That Drives the Words

Laundry time can be a thoughtful time - at least it is for me. As the clothes go into the washer and that sloshing and tumbling begins, I can walk on my treadmill, sit and read, or iron, which for me is a really peaceful time. I don't like to vacuum, and doing the dishes holds a dread for me like you would not believe, but when it comes to laundry I can actually relish each of the steps in the process on wash day.

So as the laundry progresses from one step to the next I can find time for creative thought and sometimes even getting those ideas down on paper. Today I saw the snow through the basement window, and the sunshine as well. Hunched over the ironing board as I watch those ideas rise like the steam from my iron. Ideas and word shapes begin to form and often become stories or articles later in the day on my computer. But now these flitting dots of word light were sparks darting about like fireworks inside my brain.

From ironing, to hanging the clothes and then on to the finale of heading upstairs to find closet and drawer space for all those pieces of clothing that often represent what begins as simple ideas and dreams that grow into words that drive who I am these past few years...a writer.

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