Friday, February 6, 2009

The Lonely and Sometimes Frustrating Life of a Writer

Today was simply a grouchy day for me. No excuses, and no explanations could excuse the way I acted and it certainly didn't help in getting to the root of why I have been so Oscary today. It's funny, because I can laugh at the funny character on my kids favorite PBS show, but when I get those kind of days it can be no laughing matter for me or those that who have to deal with my anger and frustration.

I hate these Oscary days since I really feel I have no control over how I react to anything. Part of it comes from when I feel I've created a great poem or piece of prose and get absolutely no response. It can be frustrating as a writer to struggle through a piece of writing and find that no one will give it a second look, and sometime not even a first look.

So I'm going to let the whole writing thing go for a few days. I need a days rest and my fingers sure need the time off too!

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