Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Lover of Words

Do you like poetry??? I'm one who loves the way a poem of any kind feels in my mind. I love actually saying it out loud! There is actually this feeling in my mouth and mind! Yup, I can actually taste poems and that sends ideas and feelings all over! A great example is Galway Kinnell's Blackberry Eating, but to taste a poem is not necessarily tasting a poem simply about food. Sometimes to eat a good poem is to devour its ideas and meaning.

The English teacher in me tingles when I hear or enjoy personal poetry. Like a mountain that pierces the clouds to taste the rains, I push and prod the words to feel that meaning rain down the flavors that end up rolling around in my mind and mouth.

I began my love when I was little with simple and wonderfully done poems and graduated to my first favorite poet, Emily Dickinson. I went on to many more, and then when my kids began in elementary school to explore poems and poets I discovered Shel Silverstein a totally crazy and wild poet who has excited kids and adults alike for years. I have to say that there probably isn't a poet or poem I don't enjoy!

For me the idea of simple words excites and makes me thoughtful. I think I'll go taste some right now!!!

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