Thursday, February 19, 2009

K-9...All Over The House!

I have three dogs living in my home right now. Two of those canines are mine and the third is my son's little beagle. He moved home with his dog after a job loss and we're really lucky since they all get along and run through the house playing or bothering me for love, to go out, or for that constant need - food.

I think I could have many more dogs since I love them on my lap while I'm writing and just about anywhere. The only problem with having lots of dogs here is the smallness of our home. When you're trying to walk around you're often mugged by dogs at play or run over by the K-27 racing team!

Right now my son's little beagle, Atari is warming my lap and with the weather we have at the moment the warmth is welcome! But the hard part of having more than two dogs is that I only have two hands to pet with so it's a constant competition for affection...getting one pup alone is often a problem these days, but thank goodness there isn't any difficulties there since all three of our K-27 pack loves each other as well so there just aren't any disagreements and that my friend is a blessing!!

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