Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Olde Lickity Split Dial-Up!

The age of fiber optics, computers and the craziness that comes with repairs and online fiascoes has just about done me in today. I've an ancient computer and it has been in and out of the "hospital" over the past two weeks way too often! Then today, we got hooked up to the new thing - fiber optics! We have our phone through it, and internet as well as basic cable for our TV.

The cable is fabulous! None of the blank screens like since we got that DSL box, which is great! The phone reception is pretty good too, but that internet connection has been a real problem all day!!! After about 7 hours we are finally online and it's much faster than our good old lickity split dial-up! This final change-over is great and is working fabulously.

It sure is nice to have something that moves so much faster than a snail, and I for one am really likeing it!!!

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