Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bundled for a Great Season

It's Sunday night and fall is coming, the weather man has promised. It was cooler today and the humidity is falling which is truly heavenly. Why do I like the cooler days best? The smells of fall, the crunch of the fallen leaves and that air that associated with this season makes for a wonderful introduction to the perfect time after a hot summer. Fall is like a tall cold glass of ice tea to cool your core after a muggy warm summer.

Alright , so now you know I am a fall fanatic! For me it is a lovely time of year for walking, bike ridding or simply sitting and watching the birds and letting the world simply go by.

I need that end to all that warmth to wind down to the end of any year. So here's to that colorful, mufflered old gentleman named fall who's brought a whole new character to my part of the world!

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