Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wouldn't You Like to Ride in My Beautiful Balloon?

Cool and foggy night with the golden glow the the street lights set s an eerie tone for a end of September evening. Wandering around with the dogs outside I can almost envision something creepy creeping out from under nearby bushes. Thank goodness my dogs are quick to notice anything out of the ordinary - like a possum scurrying away! Our little guy lets out a bellow that shakes the neighborhood if he even thinks there is something that doesn't belong in the yard!

Well just before dusk last evening both went totally crazing barking jumping around and shaking! I was mystified as to the source of all that excitement until I heard the sound of a hot air balloon. Out from the shadows of one of our big trees and drifting barely above the tops was a huge red and blue balloon. This happens at least 3 times a summer and my dogs for some unknown reason feel those balloons are invading their own personal air space and can sometimes drive the neighbors crazy with their incessant barrage that continues until long after the hot-air balloon has vacated the skies overhead.

Why this type of air craft bothers my two fuzzy friends I will never know, but I have to admit it can be quite a site as our two dogs stand baying after a balloon they will never catch. It certainly is a site I won't soon forget!

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