Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cool is Cool

Cooler weather - finally! The cold front just waltzed through pushing the humidity and HOT temps here right out the door. Life will be so much better for me since I do terrible in the hot and humid mess we've been having lately. I know lots of people like to sweat - it means that it's really summer for them, but for me the season is centered around the green trees and the color that flourishes in our yard. I love sitting on the patio every morning with a mug of coffee to watch the morning unfold. The humming birds and butterflies make for a really relaxing start to any day.

Don't get me wrong, I know a few of those hot days are part of the package with most summers. That what we had mostly years ago. Those were always reminders of what it might be like if we lived in the deep South and it was enough to make us thankful we were cool Northerners! (No offense intended) Heat to me has been the worst since I am not the princess of perspiring sweetly - I do not perspire, I sweat! There is nothing worse than sitting sweetly in church as every hair on my head gets soaked simply by sitting there! It's so frustrating sitting among a group of women who are sitting there demurely patting their foreheads to remove the occasional drip when I have a torrent that is more like a outdoor faucet turned up on high racing down my face and into my eyes!!

That "faucet" gets turned on for me the minute the dew point reaches 57 degrees and from that moment on I literally hover around the nearest air conditioning unit whether it be in my home, car or the nearest shopping center. I often find myself running between these cool refuges throughout those unbearable summer days.

So welcome fall! Your cooler days are welcome to this Northern lady!

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