Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Totally Crazy!

I got to watch one of the most bizarre scenes that nature has to offer today. As I watered some of my gardens around the yard with various sprinklers I saw 2 mourning doves "nesting" in the grass under one of the sprinklers. At first I thought they were dead because they were laying a bit sideways on the ground, but as I stood watching them I discovered one of the weirdest scenes. One bird slowly lifted one wing and as I watched in amazement it let the steady stream of water rinse that wing. Then it lifted the other wing and rolled over on its other side! The two birds did this back and forth thing with each wing over and over again for over twenty minutes!! It was like watching people changing sides on the beach!!!

I am constantly amazed at the antics of all the crazy critters in my backyard.

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