Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Daily Grind

Saturday was a quiet day and even though I had to shop and do my normal Saturday jobs it was a totally lovely day, too. It began on a quiet bench in the back yard with an extremely good cup of coffee. Sitting there watching the flowers and the humming birds that often frequent my part of the world in the fall creates a easy going feel to any day, but sitting there watching the clouds trail off with the wind as the birds, the fall flowers, and many of the browned and spent flowers from summer, and all filled with birds buzzing in and out and hiding under the leaves of the clematis or waving in the breeze on the spent stems of the lilies makes the day almost magical.

Then began the jobs that drive almost every day of the week. the shopping around to get what's needed for the week is a major part of the day, and that calls for many stops and lots of walking, but I really like it because the time it gives for thinking through what the coming week has in store.

When the day is done finishing the chores and then sitting and playing with my dogs who love to bark, wrestle, and then snuggle down is my favorite way to bring any day to a close. As I now sit on the floor with my two tired, fuzzy friends I have to say that life here is good!

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