Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Books that Move You

For me, books are a total escape and that has really always been true. As a kid those hard covered worlds were my escape from a world that was unkind for me and often painful.

One of my very favorite books told the story of a little red haired orphan from Prince Edward Island, Canada. That first book which was the beginning of a wonderful series that captured me most because the character seemed so much like who I was - only she had something very special in her attitude about people and the world and I wanted to be like her!

Something about that book, and those in the series about Anne that followed over the years changed my outlook of who I was. It may seem funny, but without that confidence that so many girls my age had I was unsure of myself in every arena and fearful of how I came across in almost all situations. Can a book really help build confidence, especially one that isn't a self-help book?? I am here to say from my own experience that, "Yes, it can!"

One simple little redhead showed me that you could make mistakes, be silly and still be a really profound girl, and woman. To this day I still re-read the Anne stories and am amazed at how much there is between the covers of this book.

Are there any books that touch you that much? If I'm honest with myself, there are many that changed my own perspective on life as well as the peoples of the world. Some of those book titles I don't remember, but the lessons I absorbed still remain in who I am and what I really believe.

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