Monday, March 30, 2009

Real Change - Now

People are watching jobs disappear daily, and fear is rising - even though some still hold onto hope. In fact for many, that is all that there is for some to hold on to these days. How many businesses will go under and how many families will be destroyed before we are back on even ground? I haven't any answers. And I do not blame the present administration for this resulting catastrophe which was formed over many years of seeing the auto industry as a savior for the common man, and in fact the nation as a whole.

Many past administrations helped this financial mess come to fruition, and many past members of congress helped create this downfall through ignoring and enabling the auto industry to grow top heavy and ignore the warning signs which we needed to restructure and remake the industry and the autos they produced, and in many ways the country and people that it was meant to support.

Our country is in trouble and there is no one easy answer as to who caused these difficulties or how we might be able to find our way out of this jungle with all its venomous snakes, tigers and whatever else is lurking to destroy the lifeblood of our nation.

Republicans and Democrats quit pointing that finger of blame and remember that we are all responsible through ignoring the past signs, or facilitating the continuation of a destructive dynasty that might well bring down our economy and our country.

President Obama is right in demanding a major change from these institutions that long have refused to even modify slightly because of the comfort it afforded those at the top. The auto worker has only recently demanded their piece of the pie and to blame them for this whole mess because of the demands for more pay and benefits denies the reality of this century old situation.

We must stop blaming, and begin the real change before it is really too late.

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