Monday, March 23, 2009

The Weather Forecast

I love Mondays that are quiet, and thoughtful days. Today was simply time for me to plod through paperwork and actually have time to do some reading as well. In fact this whole week should be nice, no meetings, or major appointments scheduled which means I can work outside and get the backyard and garden back into shape before things start actually coming up.

Of course my garden beside the house has daffodil greens coming up already, but that's a warm spot because of the warmth from the house so it really doesn't count. Still, when I think of spring this year and see those bits of green by my backdoor I am so excited! Winter this year seems to be so unwilling to leave the area! The beginning of next month will be cold again and they're talking snowflakes in April which will be a bummer, but I hope no snow storms are coming our way at least! Light snow showers I can deal with, but the idea of another snow storm would be more than a little frightening!

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