Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Important Things in Life

Yard work and cleaning our upstairs bedroom were on my chore list for today, and I actually made a dent in both jobs. I love these kind of days! I didn't get to a few things on that ever present chore list, but these two big items means a lot since they helped cut it down to a doable size for the week.

I have to deal with the sniffles and a bit of a runny nose because of all the dust upstairs but it sure was worth it as I dug my way through at least three large boxes. I have piles that are going to be recycled at a local used book store and we'll send of the clothing and other items to one of the second hand stores.

Most of this stuff has been in my attic for over 33 years, as long as we've been here in this house. It's funny how we take little parts of our lives with us as we move, but much of it remains in boxes in an attic or basement after the move. For me, the time has come to get rid of that stuff and to once again reclaim my house for living, not simply for storage!

So this spring will be my clean-out and clean-up time. Cleaning the yard and the garden to prepare for a new summer, and doing the same for my home and that new start with more space!

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