Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reaching You the Reader

Sunday is almost over, and that means Monday's on its way. Another week with meetings, house cleaning and writing in my blogs. There are times that I wish things would take a new twist, but every time that I do something awful happens, so I'm going to enjoy this quiet week since - hey, I don't get very many of these!

I want to get out in the garden, but I think it will be too cold again this week. It's like we're in spot that is caught between winter and spring and cannot quite break out of that almost warp and cannot move on to the real world! That's something like life for me right now which is stuck in the writing ideas and thoughts, but not selling anything. I have to write (It's who I am.), but there's no one reading...or like I'm speaking and there's no one there to listen.

I do hate frustration, but I'm not ready to give up just yet! So I will keep writing and keep expressing thoughts and ideas that are important, to me at least. The next question is how do I reach YOU?

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