Thursday, March 19, 2009


Another day, but certainly NOT another dollar - at least not for me. The writer in me keeps blogging and sending out those written pieces of my life, but at the moment nothing has exploded onto the scene. But, hey the time is still ripe and I can smell that bit of hope rising like spring through those ever present cracks in life. These days I live on hope, and that is a really magical four letter word. In fact I have lived with it for a very long time and through quite a few career twists and turns in my life.

Sometimes, hope can be a real pain to live with when nothing happens and you seem to be left hanging out there with nothing to hold onto but hope's anemic hand. In these days of little or no work it can often seem like I'm holding onto such an undernourished hand sometimes and that makes it hard to continue holding on.

So here I still am, out there still searching for my small place in the world of writing and continuing to hang on to the hand of that four letter word.

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