Monday, March 30, 2009

Writing Isn't Always a Fun Sport

There are times in a writer's life when the dry periods seem like they will last forever. Selling your writing means someone has to enjoy your take on the world, or your personal spin for a story, whether it be in a book, tale, or your own spin on a story as a reporter. Where this economic mess hits the hardest is in the arts, and believe it or not the arts usually begins with a good artist or wordsmith.

The arts usually suffers right along with the other trades in a recession or depression - except those who are at the top of course! So, how does a writer continue on when there seems to be nothing out there to create or anyone who will buy what their selling? You've got to change or give who you are as a writer a totally new spin on written expression.

But how can you be confident your something new won't turn out to be just a gimmick and instead be that gift of creativity that will keep on selling your writings? That is the motivation of the week for me that is sending me back to the books and keyboard!

One of the ways to make a better product might be the use of pictures or video to help tell the story. But in the end, like with the school that finds that better and new way to teach reading, the written word has to be the seller of your thoughts and ideas.

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