Friday, March 20, 2009

The Obstacle Course Called Butternut Drive

I live on five lanes of fast and this winter has been hard on all area roads, but our long stretch of road has been especially hard hit. Don't get me wrong, there are small sections of smooth, but they are definitely punctuated by huge sections of the dreaded deep crevasses we call the Michigan pothole.

This year some have become deep car eating, transmission destroying holes. The best way to help a car survive this mess is to drive like you're ducking between cones on an obstacle course and believe me if you hit one of those suckers your suspension gets rocked - at the least!

The most deadly time is of course after sunset when the holes and canyons can meld into the darkness and unless you know the street well it can be a nightmare that can include considerable damage to the car, and to your pride.

You see we who traverse this section of road consider ourselves the very best of drivers and to successfully maneuver around the many chasms that dot the tarmac has given many of us a real sense of pride.

So if you live in the state of Michigan watch out for we few who love the obstacles course created by the ice and snows of winter. Who knows you might catch some of your own speed demons and enjoy some really wonderful magic on the road we call Butternut.

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