Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quiet Zones

I got a new timer for my kitchen today. Since I love to cook, the timer can be invaluable. But every so often, life without time can be really nice too. I know you have to understand time to bake cakes, create dinners, and get to that important meeting on time but there are times in life when time needs to stop and stand still. We don't always have to get somewhere - quickly.

Mondays or any free day are those times for me. I go too fast most days, and those lists in every day that drive me pile up like so many cars piling up on the freeway after an accident continue to drive the wheels even after everything seems stalled.

When it gets crazy like that I need to find some small amount of time to escape those overbooked, crazy days. All of us go too fast and without that quiet, thoughtful place I know I would be totally be unable to function.

So those free moments seem to be my times to jettison to another world. That quiet place for me begins with music and usually ends with a walk out into the real world of trees, birds and everything wild. When I drive I can create those moments to by looking to see what things wild there are nearby at stop lights or signs. Sometimes there are hawks beautifully positioned on the tops of telephone poles, or even deer near the road standing like a statue. Yesterday, it was a fox sitting quietly in a bush at the edge of the road I was traveling down. Most times I have to look hard to see this world, but it's always well worth the look, and if I carefully look it is always there.

Today since it is officially spring, I'm out looking for Trillium. Those monikers of the season are always hiding in places swampy and out of the way. I'm off on a quest to find these examples of local flora and as a bonus I usually can find myself in that quiet process.

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